Student Sentiment Cluster Analysis & Recruitment Marketing Content Strategy

Beyond reopening—How students’ sentiments drive recruitment marketing strategies

This year is a defining moment for the college-age generation. In these challenging times, at an increasingly rapid pace, students absorb new crises, navigate the unknown, and reconsider what’s next for their education. Through surveys, town halls, and other forms of outreach, colleges have instituted a range of resources to assist students through the summer and as they prepare for a fall reopening.

How does all this planning inform communications strategies going forward—strategies that will affect the recruitment of future classes—classes that will bring together people with differing backgrounds, life experiences, and goals?

Through the implementation of a Student Sentiment Cluster Analysis & Recruitment Messaging Strategy, the concerns that each unique segment of your student population has about their health and safety, the quality and value of their education, the richness of their social experience, and their financial stability can be understood.

Amplify your school’s unique voice.

Sustain the power of your brand and celebrate your strengths.

Connect through strategic content.

Spot your best stories and tell them with your own distinct personality.

Reach people where they are today.

Build enduring relationships with every audience by responding to their needs.

Areas of Inquiry

Five areas of inquiry about the students’ life situation will be explored. We will also study how these circumstances affect students’ concerns about college attendance.

Demographic Clusters

The information provided will be analyzed against each of these demographic categories, allowing us to understand the differing needs of specific student groups.

This information can then be used to formulate a content marketing strategy designed to meet each of these unique segments of prospective students in ways that directly address their respective concerns, support their dreams, and amplify the connection with your school’s brand.

It’s content marketing at its best—marketing driven by the goal to understand and align with the hearts and the minds of those students who would best benefit from the experience of your college so you can communicate in a more empathic, relevant way with students of varying sentiments.

Interested in learning more about how the Student Sentiment Cluster Analysis & Recruitment Messaging Strategy can boost your recruitment efforts?

Cognitive team members, Josanne DeNatale, President, and Ann O’Grady, Research Director lead this service implementation. For a custom quotation and to discuss the steps of the process, contact us  or connect to Josanne via Twitter at @JosanneDeNatale.

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