Student Sentiment Cluster Analysis & Recruitment Marketing Service

Beyond reopening—How students’ sentiments drive recruitment marketing strategies

This year is a defining moment for the college-age generation. In these challenging times, at an increasingly rapid pace, students absorb new crises, navigate the unknown, and reconsider what’s next for their education. Through surveys, town halls, and other forms of outreach, institutions have gained insights about students’ sentiments and life situations to use to prepare for the reopening of campuses.

These same findings can also guide the development of recruitment marketing and messaging strategies. 

The Cognitive Marketing Student Sentiment Cluster Analysis & Recruitment Marketing service studies how the COVID-19 pandemic (and other current events) have affected students across several dimensions: Personal health and safety. Finances. Adjusting to new instructional models. Facing college life with fewer opportunities for traveling, socializing, and participating in activities. We organize these responses into distinct clusters of people who share demographic and other lifestyle characteristics. The resulting audience segmentation matrix provides the basis for  messaging strategies and marketing plans focused on student recruitment.

Areas of Inquiry

Five areas of inquiry about the students’ life situation will be explored. We will also study how these circumstances affect students’ concerns about college attendance.

Demographic Clusters

The information provided will be analyzed against each of these demographic categories, allowing us to understand the differing needs of specific student groups.

Before You Share Your Story, Listen To Theirs

The Cognitive team can help you understand where students’ heads and hearts are right now so that your communications with them—and with prospective students—reflect the range of mindsets and emotions they’re experiencing. In turn, this will build a bridge of trust and confidence that will carry through the student recruitment process.

Learn more about building a student-centered recruitment marketing strategy.

Amplify your school’s unique voice.

Sustain the power of your brand and celebrate your strengths.

Connect through strategic content.

Spot your best stories and tell them with your own distinct personality.

Reach people where they are today.

Build enduring relationships with every audience by responding to their needs.

When combined with market research data and the predictive models used by admissions, our analysis informs the creation of personas (the composite descriptions of a cluster) and their respective buyer’s journey through the admissions funnel. These tools then guide the creation of content and messaging that form the basis of an effective recruitment marketing campaign.

The most effective form of marketing connects the stories of your brand to what is in the hearts and minds of your future students. Trust Cognitive Marketing to collaborate with your enrollment and marketing teams to develop messaging that connects your institution with future “right fit” students.

Interested in learning more about how the Student Sentiment Cluster Analysis & Recruitment Marketing Service can support your recruitment efforts?

Cognitive team members, Josanne DeNatale, President, and Ann O’Grady, Research Director lead this service implementation. For a custom quotation and to discuss the steps of the process, contact us  or connect to Josanne via Twitter at @JosanneDeNatale.

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